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Who is FluxPro for?

FluxPro gives you the power to showcase your business and listings professionally while increasing profitability. Save your agency valuable time in presentation creation and cut design and print costs to streamline your marketing and achieve improved results.

FluxPro is for Independent Estate Agents

Independent Agents

Create highly professional interactive brochures, pitch packs and market appraisals before your competitors do. Impress prospective clients with a stunning presentation and win more instructions. Our range of digital products are flexible and cater for all property types, giving you the power to market to a digitally-focused audience and increase your ability to win new listings.

Multi-branch agencies

FluxPro is the perfect marketing solution for large agencies with multiple branches. The software is scalable across your business to help achieve increased instructions, and significant cost savings on document preparation, design and print. Visually stunning, branded templates keep your identity and prestige consistent, deliver your message better and faster, and allow you to gather valuable data from readers.

Buying agents

FluxPro can be customised with unique documents and workflows to suit your business needs. Branded Pitch Packs, Itineraries and various Reports can all be added allowing you to quickly produce personalised and secure Tour Packs that can be distributed electronically.

Marketing teams

Stay on-brand while delivering more content to a wider audience whilst lowering costs. Integrated analytics provide you with real-time and detailed reader insights on all your digital promotional collateral and campaigns.

Research teams

Deliver those Market Insights, Wealth Reports and valuable research documents to a broad global audience via a multi-channel approach. Updated data? Not a problem. Easily amend, re-publish and give your audience up-to-date content without the dreaded re-print.

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