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Feature-rich solutions for your business

Our digital brochures are packed full of powerful features and benefits that set them apart from printed or PDF options.

Welcome to the age of digital property marketing

FluxPro digital publications give your vendors and buyers truly immersive, personalised and meaningful experiences, unlike traditional print and PDF marketing options.

PDF marketing brochures are no longer fit for today’s devices – especially if you seek to impress your market in a highly competitive environment.

Whether you are speaking with prospective vendors or buyers, nowadays people expect highly relevant, mixed media content that is easily accessible, visually appealing and engaging on a personal level.

FluxPro digital brochures are unique, elegant and responsive on all modern devices. They also come with a host of features to help property professionals to market more effectively to a digitally-focused world. FluxPro is the next generation in property marketing.

Image galleries

Showcase the full visual impact of the property through scalable image galleries.

Video/virtual tour

Include rich media content such as drone video footage and Matterport.

Agent contact

Enable prospective purchasers to connect directly with you via phone, email and chat services.

Direct linking

No one likes traffic, unless it's going to your website! Include links back to the property on your webpage.

Google Maps

Pinpoint the property using the power of Google Maps in satellite or street view.

Dynamic Floorplans

Include dynamic floor plans direct from Reapit either as single image or multi-level gallery.


FluxPro integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics giving you valuable feedback, allowing you to hone your content.

Social media

Easily distribute your digital property content via all social media channels and give viewers the ability to share from within any brochure or portfolio.

Dynamic features

Include 3rd party features such as questionnaires, user polls, forms - the list is endless!

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