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Connect directly with prospective purchasers

Tell the world,
your way

Quickly deliver your property brochure via your preferred digital channels. FluxPro brochures integrate with your current tech stack, allowing you to market sameday to a global audience.

Forget the limitations of print marketing

Social media sharing

Spread the word by easily and quickly sharing each issue via your social media channels – an excellent way of reaching out to new prospects and growing your database.

Built for modern property professionals

Our built-in marketing features let you track user behaviour, measure engagement, collect leads, and more.

More than just a brochure

How frustrated have you been when you couldn’t include the perfect video or virtual tour in your PDF brochure?

Take ownership of your branded content

FluxPro Brochure Templates

Extensive range of templates

Our suite of professionally designed templates are branded to your organisation so you'll always have a brochure that matches the property ensuring you always remain on-brand.

FluxPro - content action

Create content that results in action

Your brochure should do more than convey information — it should exert emotive force. Activating today’s digital natives requires engaging content experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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